ECOAdS is the main output of the project “ECOlogical Observing System in the Adriatic Sea: oceanographic observations for biodiversity”, in short ECOSS. ECOSS is a collaboration between 10 organizations from Italy and Croatia, cofunded by Interreg Italy-Croatia CBC Programme. ECOSS aims at enhancing the overall observatory system of the Adriatic Sea starting from the facilities, infrastructures and long-term ecological data existing in the Programme area and developing specific case studies. The synergies and feedback among the main conservation management questions, ecological variables and key oceanographic processes of the case study sites will be assessed, basing on the connectivity among habitats and species in coastal and offshore waters.

ECOAdS, aims at integrating the existing ecological and oceanographic research monitoring systems with Natura 2000 conservation strategies in the Adriatic Sea. It focuses on the area under the jurisdiction of Italy and Croatia and contributes to the improvement of the conservation status of habitats and species of the Natura 2000 marine sites by enhancing the marine observational capacities in the Adriatic Sea. ECOAdS delivers benefits especially to the sites that lack management and monitoring plans and that are not operationally implemented with respect to their conservation objectives.