Acqua Alta Oceanographic Tower

Location Description

The "Acqua Alta" research tower was installed on January 1970 off the Gulf of Venice, Italy, by Micoperi for the CNR. This tower consists of a platform containing an instrument house, supported by a steel pipe structure, similar to that of an oil well derrick. The pipe structure is hammered 22 m into the bottom through each of its four hollow legs. The tower is situated in 16 m of water (MLLW). The Gulf of Venice site was chosen because it provided the best combination of desirable oceanographic features and practical operating convenience. The tower is part of LTER site Gulf of Venice .

Sensors and Measurements available for this Location

SOUNDSCAPE Acqua-Alta hydrophone
ISTORMS NortekAWAC (Nortek Acoustic Wave And Current Profiler)
LTER Seabird SBE 37 MicroCAT C-T-DO Sensor
ECOSS Hydrophone
ISTORMS Wireless Vantage Pro2
ECOSS Webcam-15