NortekAWAC (Nortek Acoustic Wave And Current Profiler)

Station Description

The Nortek AWAC is a revolutionary instrument that gives you both a current profiler and a wave directional system in one unit. You can measure the current speed and direction in 1-m thick layers from the bottom to the surface and you can measure long waves, storm waves, short wind waves, or transient waves generated by local ship traffic. The AWAC is designed as a coastal monitoring system. It is small, rugged, and suitable for multi-year operation in tough environments. It can be operated online or in stand-alone mode with an internal recorder and batteries. The sensor is usually mounted in a frame on the bottom, protected from the harsh weather and passing ship traffic. The mechanical design is all plastic and titanium to avoid corrosion. Online systems can be delivered with protected cables, interface units on shore, acoustic modems and backup batteries. In stand-alone use, the raw data are stored to the recorder, and power comes from an external battery pack. A variety of options are available to achieve your required combination of deployment length and sampling interval.

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