Croatian MSFD Adriatic Monitoring Plan - Monitoring program


Monitoring of parameters needed for evaluation of the state of descriptors according to Adriatic Monitoring Plan enabling fulfillment of obligations of the Republic of Croatia according to MSFD (2008/56/EU). Financed by: Ministry of Environment and Energy, Republic of Croatia. To fulfill the commitments according to MSFD 2008/56/EU, the Republic of Croatia is obliged to conduct a Monitoring program for the assessment of the environmental state of marine waters under the sovereignty of RH based on the initial assessment of the state of marine environment of Croatian part of the Adriatic.

The Project task is Implementation of the “Monitoring and observation system for assessment of the Adriatic Sea state” in accordance with the Monitoring Plan for Croatia (OG 153/2014). This project covers monitoring of physical, chemical and biological parameters in coastal and marine waters at sites predicted with Monitoring plan as well as monitoring of invasive species at selected sites.

Project task is, beside monitoring and collecting data, data processing, data validation and input in the Reporting system of the Adriatic Sea monitoring. The input of data from other projects performed by other authority institutions dealing with marine environment is another project task.

To improve data comparability and data quality, the project also uses methods of validation in accordance with EEA and other demands with the aim to achieve certainty and data reliability (QA/QC).

Project activities are: monitoring and observing of parameters for evaluation of the state of descriptors D5 and partly D1, D2, D4, D7, D10 and D11 from MSFD and data collecting to implement Monitoring plan for the Adriatic (i); data quality assurance and quality control of data Activity of interpretation, validation and data input into Izvještajni sustav monitoringa Jadrana (Reporting system of the Adriatic Sea monitoring) (ii).

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Reference Institution

Institute of Oceanography and Fisheries (Split); Institute Ruđer Bošković (Zagreb)

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Additional Informations

Sampling sites for monitoring of descriptors covered with this project are shown in figures below.


Sampling sites for monitoring of D5 and partial monitoring of D1, D2 and D4 descriptors.


Sampling sites for partial monitoring of descriptor D7.


Sampling sites for monitoring of marine litter swallowed by organisms or found on beaches

(descriptor D10).


Sampling sites for monitoring of underwater noise (descriptor D11).

Data Access Information

The Reporting system of the Adriatic Sea monitoring (Izvještajni sustav monitoringa Jadrana) database is currently under development ( and the monitored data have a restricted access.