Delta del Po - Italy


River set characterized by a stretch of river of considerable size and flow, with delta system, coastal dune systems, valley wetlands, sandy formations (stalls) and river islands with floodplains and ...akes, with associations typically belonging to the psammophilic series and, limited to some areas, relict flaps of forests. The area constituted by the fluvial branches of the Po hosts hygrophilous woods of Salix and Populus alba. In the floodplains there are floating meadows of Trapa natans. The unique sandy formations are colonized by psammophilous and halophile vegetation. The valley part is characterized from the presence of a complex system of reeds, sandbanks, canals and marshes with large portions used mainly for fish farming. The natural landscape is characterized by free water spaces with submerged macrophytic vegetation and large, flat islets housing types and halophilic genus. Important site for nesting, migration and wintering of water birds. The area represents an important site for the nesting of some species of Caradriformes. Some floodplain areas with vast reeds and tree cover allow the nesting of Ardeidae, Rallidae and Passerines. Presence of complex vegetational associations, with extensive reeds and psammophilous and halophilic series. Forest flaps contains thermophilic and hygrophilous vegetation. Presence of rare or phytogeographically interesting plant species, many of them reported in the "Red Book of Italian Plants".


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