Cres - Lošinj - Croatia


Large marine site located in the Kvarnerić area, around the sheltered coast and waters of the eastern part of the Lošinj and Cres archipelago. It is one of the most important feeding and breeding area... for bottlenose dolphins (Tursiops truncatus) in the Eastern Adriatic. Lithostratigraphic units represented on the coast are dolomites and post sedimentary diagenetic breccia (upper albian, lower cenomanian - K16, K12), rudist limestones (cenomanianmaastricht - K21-6). Soils on the coast are rockyground, anthropogenic soil on karst. The area was created after the transgression of the sea after the last glaciation; marine shelf; highly indented coastline. In July 2006 of preventive protection of a part of the Kvarnerić region for 3 years as a Special Marine Reserve (Cres-Lošinj Special Marine Reserve – CLSMR has been declared.


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Information Resources

Relative encounter rates for bottlenose dolphins in Cres-Lošinj

EMODnet Bathymetry

Target species - EurOBIS occurrences

Adriatic sea: human uses and MSP-related layers

Data Source
Copernicus Marine Service - Mediterranean Sea Physics Reanalysis

Monitoring program
Croatian MSFD Adriatic Monitoring Plan

Monitoring program
Systematic research of water quality in transitional and coastal waters (Croatia)


Data Source
I-STORMS Web System (IWS)

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